Thank-you from the bottom of our gingerbread hearts!

The Oktoberfest Brisbane is over for yet another year and this year was bigger and better than ever!

Here’s what we got up to on the second weekend…


First of all we were lucky enough to run into Brisbane Roar Superstar Thomas Broich…


… and his absolutely stunning partner, Helena.

‘Isn’t Helena’s Dirndl just absolutely gorgeous?’ Fräulein Bear asked.

‘It really is, but I hope you’re not thinking of buying another one…’ I replied skeptically.


Next, we felt like true sausage royalty at the Götzinger throne…


… and decided to book our next flight with Janka from the German Australian travel. Whenever, wherever we fly she’s our number one travel Agent!


We marvelled at the beautiful German cuckoo clocks…


… and Fräulein Bear even bought me a Brisbane Oktoberfest commemorative Stein. Aren’t I lucky to have such a wonderful lady in my life?


Next, we decided to try out some of the new rides. This one was my favourite…


… but Fräulein Bear went on the next one by herself.

‘Aren’t you coming along too?’ Fräulein Bear asked.

‘No! Bears aren’t meant to go turning and tumbling through the air like that! My feet are staying firmly on the ground,’ I replied.


After going on the rides several times we decided to visit our cousins at the merchandise stall…


and then my stomach started to grumble.

‘I’m hungry!’

‘Well, I think we’ve come to the right place,’ giggled Fräulein Bear.


After we’d regained our strength by eating a delicious pork knuckle, we headed to Dot’s stall filled with costumes and other German souvenirs where we met the lovely Sissi and Franz.

‘That’s what I love about the Oktoberfest Brisbane,’ Fräulein Bear started. ‘You never know who you’ll meet!’


We took Sissi and Franz along to check out the Autofest and Tony even let us sit in his amazing Porsche and go for a ride!


Next, the four of us headed to OktoberFEAST and watched the lovely Emily Loo and Matt Kirkegaard on stage. We were even lucky enough to sample some of Emily’s delicious food…


… and met one of Emily’s wonderful friends, Lauren, whilst we were watching the show!


Although we’d sampled some food, I was still hungry, so we decided to eat a Bratwurst…


… followed by a glass of Tucher lager!


Finally, we decided that we needed some dessert. Well, actually I decided that I wanted something sweet! On our way to the Organic Cotton Candy Company’s stall we were fortunate enough to run into our friend Professor Michael Schütz, the German Consul in Brisbane.


We finished off the weekend with some gingerbread…


… and some strawberry and vanilla bean organic fairy floss!


‘What an amazing second weekend that was!’ Fräulein Bear exclaimed.

‘It went by much too fast!’ I replied, ‘but I know we’ll be back next year!’


So, from our family to yours – thankyou for another incredible event and we will see you in 2016!


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Die erste Runde…

“What an incredible first weekend that was!” Fräulein Bear exclaimed as we returned to our hotel room on Sunday night.

“Wasn’t it just?! I wish the Oktoberfest Brisbane was on EVERY weekend,” I replied (don’t tell the organisers we said that- they might have a heart attack at the thought of having to run the festival every weekend!).

It all started on Thursday afternoon…

Louise invited us along to an ABC 612 Radio Station interview. Little did we know that one of our favourite presenters, David Curnow, would be there.

“Doesn’t he just have THE most amazing voice you’ve ever heard?” Fräulein Bear swooned.

I hope I don’t have anything to worry about there…

IMG_6137On Thursday evening we were fortunate enough to have Reimer take us to the airport to pick up the band! They’d flown in directly from the Munich Oktoberfest and couldn’t wait to perform in Brisbane (and we couldn’t wait to see them perform!)!

OFB15-IMG_7241-e1On Friday afternoon we anxiously waited for the gates to open. We rushed in and were the very first customers at the coupon hut!

box officeI went to the bar and had a beer…

OFB15-IMG_7348-e1… whilst Fräulein Bear was drawn to the Champagne!

OFB15-IMG_7227-e1We loved all of the entertainment throughout the weekend and Heidi even gave us a private yodelling lesson after her show! How lucky are we?!

OFB15-IMG_7257-e1After receiving yodelling lessons from Heidi we had a great time catching up with our friends from the Fortitude Valley Police.

OFB15-IMG_7448-e1On Sunday we were a little starstruck meeting the wonderful Summer and Maili from the Brisbane Roar Women’s Team. They even showed us how to kick a football properly!

BrisRoar-e“This place is just filled with celebrities,” I marvelled.

Just as we turned around the corner we ran into even more famous people. “Look, it’s Matt Kirkegaard, one of Australia’s top beer experts!”

“You’re right! And next to him is Emily Loo from last year’s Masterchef show. I wonder if they would take a photo with us…” Fräulein Bear gushed.

Of course they did. It turns out that they are not just incredibly talented, but are some of the most genuinely lovely people we’ve ever met!

OFB15-IMG_7435-e1We were also fortunate enough to meet Matt’s gorgeous daughter!

OFB15-IMG_7437-e1We chatted to Matt and Emily for a while and then headed to the children’s puppet show. Unfortunately we had spent so much time chatting that we’d lost track of time and had missed it. We were just about to turn away when Julia called us back and gave us a private show! Incredible!

OFB15-IMG_7423-e2OFB15-IMG_7420-e1After the puppet show we sat down to watch the Alpenrosen dance group perform outside.

OFB15-IMG_7367-e1Their performance was incredible!

‘”Weren’t they wonderful?” Fräulein Bear asked. “You should ask the boys for some lessons – you have two left feet when it comes to dancing!”

Once they were finished performing, we asked some of the younger performers if we could take a photo with them… and we ended up taking a photo with the whole crew!




OFB15-IMG_7380-e1“What an incredible first weekend that was. We were so busy running around that we have a LOT of food left to sample next weekend,” Fräulein Bear smiled.

“I can’t wait! Aren’t we just the luckiest bears in the whole world? We get to eat and drink, sing and dance, yodel and watch performances – that’s enough to make any bear jealous!”


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We’re almost ready, are you?!

Today we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the set-up at the Brisbane Showgrounds before the Brisbane Oktoberfest starts tomorrow!

“I can’t believe how quickly the Brisbane Oktoberfest has come along again,” pondered Fräulein Bear.

“I know! It feels like only yesterday that we were here: singing along with the band, dancing the Fliegerlied, trying to yodel and eating LOTS of yummy food,” I replied.

IMG_0500v2We strolled across the grassed-area which was being transformed into a Bavarian-style Biergarten (beer garden).

“Look! It’s the exact same benches and tables which they use at the Munich Oktoberfest,” Fräulein Bear marvelled.

“I’d hate to be the one having to set all of them up!” I remarked.

Fräulein Bear laughed. “You setting them all up? You couldn’t even lift a table on your own!”

“I could so!” I defended myself.

As Fräulein Bear turned the corner I tried to lift one… she was right, the tables are much too heavy for a little bear like me. Best to leave the heavy lifting to the operations crew!

Bump-in Tables-benches-eOutside on the concrete, the Marktplatz was being set up and the crew were finalising the measurements for the food stalls.

“I can’t wait until I can FINALLY eat all of the delicious food! I don’t know where to start – should I eat a pork knuckle first? Or maybe a Bratwurst?” I asked.

“I’m going to have my favourite first – the Schitzel burger,” Fräulein Bear replied.

Bump-in outside 2-eAfter we had crossed the Marktplatz we arrived at the big Oktoberfest tent.

“I can’t believe how different it looks without all of the decorations,” Fräulein Bear said astonishedly.

The crew were just in the process of hanging up all of the ceiling decoration before starting to lay down the wooden floors!

Bump-in inside 1-e2Fräulein Bear giggled, “we’d better not stay seated in this ceiling wreath for too long, otherwise they might hang it up with us still in it!”

Bump-in ceiling-wreath-eBy the end of the day, the decorations in the tent were up and the Bayerisches Eck (Bavarian VIP Corner) was fully set-up, looking absolutely stunning.

Whilst the tent was almost finished, there was still a lot of work to be done outside!

“Can you imagine that the Anzapfen will be held in less than 24 hours?” Fräulein Bear asked?

“No, I can’t, but I know they’ll get everything ready on time – they always do!”


“We should get a good night’s rest now. We have a BIG weekend ahead of us.” Fräulein Bear suggested as we arrived back in our hotel room.

“I know what I’ll be dreaming of – a Stein of beer, a giant pretzel….” and before Herr Bear could finish his sentence he was fast asleep.

See you tomorrow for the opening of the Oktoberfest Brisbane 2015!

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Haircuts and New Friends!

“Oh Herr Bear, you can’t go to the Oktoberfest Brisbane looking like that,” Fräulein Bear observed.

“If this is about my weight again…” I started.

“Don’t be silly! It’s your fur! It’s become all matted and grown much too long – you need a trim.”

“Fine, I’ll head to Jimmy Rod’s Barber Shop in the morning,” I replied.

“Whilst you’re at it – I think you should take Skippy and your cousin along as well – they could both do with a trim too,” Fräulein Bear suggested.

“I suppose we could have a guy’s day out,” I remarked.

The next day we headed into the city – of course Fräulein Bear decided to come along and go shopping whilst we received our trims.

JimmyRods-IMG_7109-e1We sat down and the guys started trimming off my matted hair – I hope they don’t accidentally trim my ear off!

“Don’t you three look wonderful?” Fräulein Bear asked as she entered the shop half an hour later. “I see you still have both of your ears Herr Bear! You guys won’t believe how scared he was this morning!”

“I was not!” I tried to defend myself.

“Schatz, it’s ok to admit that you were scared of going to the barber’s shop! It can be scary getting your fur trimmed,” she giggled. The others had to laugh too.

Oh dear, how will I ever live this moment down?

JimmyRods-IMG_7110-e1After getting trimmed into shape we were invited to an Oktoberfest photo shoot!

“Oh how exciting,” exclaimed Fräulein Bear.

“I sure am glad that I had a trim before this,” I sighed in relief.

DSC_0297-e1It was a gorgeous afternoon outside – the sun was shining, the birds were singing and we made lots and lots of new friends from all over the world.

“You know what I love most about living in Brisbane?” Asked Fräulein Bear.

“What’s that?”

“I just love how multicultural the city is! We have made friends from all around the globe!”

When she’s right, she’s right!



After such an action-packed week I needed a lot to eat!

“I think I’m going to eat this WHOLE cake by myself,” I said as we sat on the table at the King of Cakes.

“I want a small slice of the black forest cherry cake too!” Fräulein Bear protested.

“Fine, one tiny slice of cake… and only because I love you!”


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The Bears are Back in Town

After arriving back in Brisbane we went to our Brisbane home – the Watermark Hotel – where we were given a warm welcome.

‘Isn’t it just wonderful being back home with all of our friends?’ Fräulein Bear asked.

‘It sure is!’ I replied, ‘but first of all I need to sleep for a few hours.’

WatermarkHotel-IMG_7144-e1We checked in, had a very long sleep and woke up bright and early the next morning.

‘Oh look, they’ve added Nespesso machines to the room,’ squealed Fräulein Bear with excitement.

‘There’s nothing better than an espresso in the morning,’ I added.

‘Oh Herr Bear!’ Fräulein Bear said in a stern voice ‘don’t put your whole face in the mug! Don’t you have any manners?’

‘But the coffee is so delicious,’ I tried to justify.

‘I don’t want to see you doing that again,’ she replied.

WatermarkHotel-IMG_7142-e1‘Fine,’ I said grumpily. ‘I’ll take my face out of the cup and just drink the coffee from the machine.’

Even Fräulein Bear had to giggle. ‘Oh Herr Bear, you look so silly.’

WatermarkHotel-IMG_7143-e1We spent the next few days visiting our favourite spots in Brisbane.

‘Isn’t the Wheel of Brisbane gorgeous?’ Fräulein Bear asked.

‘It sure is! Do you remember when we went for a ride on the the London Eye?’

‘Oh it was wonderful. Wasn’t the London Eye fantastic?’ Fräulein Bear reminisced.

‘It was good… but I prefer Brisbane – we always have perfect weather!’ I replied.

BNE-Eye-IMAG0534-e1Next, we strolled along the Eagle Street Pier and stopped at our favourite landmark – the Story Bridge.

‘You know,’ Fräulein Bear said, ‘I do love the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but secretly I don’t think it is nearly as pretty as our bridge right here in Brisbane.’

‘Just wait until it lights up blue and white for Oktoberfest,’ I replied.

‘We really are lucky, you know? Living here we get the best of both worlds!’

Story Bridge-e1Our final stop was, of course, to get food. We stopped by at K&K to visit our favourite bearded Masterchef – Wolfgang.

We had another round of coffee and enjoyed his delicious food.

‘I think it’s safe to say that Wolfgang makes the best Spätzle and mushroom sauce in all of Brisbane,’ claimed Fräulein Bear.

‘I think you might be right – I could eat a whole bucket of it!’

‘Watch out – I think your Lederhosen are already getting a little tight around the waist,’ she laughed.

What a wonderful first week we had back in Brisbane. We can’t wait to catch up with more of our Oktoberfest Brisbane family next week!


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From Brogsitter to Brisbane

We spent a wonderful week in Mannheim, enjoying everything the beautiful city has to offer. Then it was time to head to the final stop in our trip, the Brogsitter winery in the stunning Ahr valley, where we were lucky enough to be given a private tour of the vineyard.

“I’m starting to run out of breath,” I puffed.

“We’ve only been walking uphill for a few minutes,” replied Fräulein Bear. “This is what happens when you eat too much and don’t exercise enough!”

“I’m a fit bear!” I protested. “But maybe we should have a quick break and enjoy the gorgeous view.”

Weinberg 1 Weinberg 2After our stroll through the vineyard we returned to the main building where we were given a very special taste-testing.

“Do you know why these particular wines are so special?” asked Fräulein Bear.

“They’re all delicious?” I suggested.

“No, silly,” Fräulein Bear laughed. “These are the wines that’ll be served at the Oktoberfest Brisbane in a few weeks! I thought we should check that they taste as great as they sounded.”

“Well they do!”

“Pace yourself Herr Bear! I’m not carrying you out of here,” she warned.

Brogsitter-e1We spent the evening at Brogsitter’s restaurant, Sanct Peter, where we ate delicious food and tried some more wines. After finishing our three course meals we headed back to our hotel to rest up.

The next day it was time to pack our bags (well, my bag, and Fräulein Bear’s FOUR gigantic suitcases) and head to the airport.

“I can’t believe how quickly these weeks have gone by. We’ve had such a wonderful time, but it’ll good to get back home,” Fräulein Bear remarked.

After several hours in the air and two quick stops in Dubai and Singapore we had made it back to Brisbane.

“Here we are,” Fräulein exclaimed excitedly. “Herr Bear we’re home!”

She turned around.

“Herr Bear? Where are you?”

It was an incredible trip, but by the end of it I was feeling a little tired…


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Monnem – des beschde wos es gibt!

Heidelberg was absolutely stunning, but after a week it was time to leave and head to one of the world’s most innovative cities – Mannheim (or ‘Monnem’ as the locals would say)!

On our way to the Wasserturm (water tower) we came across the Karl Benz monument.

“Can you believe that the very first car in the world was made right here in Mannheim?” I asked.

“Could you imagine a world without cars? As much as I love a horse-drawn carriage, travelling more than a few kilometres would take forever,” Fräulein Bear replied.

Benz-e1We spent the day having a lovely picnic on the grass by the water tower with Skippy.

“Aren’t these tulips lovely?” Fräulein Bear asked.

“They’re so bright and colourful,” I responded. “I wonder if I’d be allowed to go for a swim in the fountain.”

“Don’t you dare,” Fäulein Bear replied. “We have dinner reservations and I’m not taking you into a restaurant wet and smelly!”

Wasserturm-e1Our final stop in Mannheim was the Mannheimer Schloss, now home to the University of Mannheim.

“This palace is stunning,” marvelled Fräulein Bear. “Can you imagine being a student here? I’d feel like a princess!”

“A princess with exams and assignments to do,” I laughed.

We asked a few of the students walking by – they were all pretty proud of their gorgeous university and apparently they throw some great parties every week too!

“Maybe I should move here and become a student! A palace, parties… what else could a bear want?” Asked Fräulein Bear.

“Food! Speaking of which… I know a great Döner place at the Hauptbahnhof!”

“Alright, alright, just let me enjoy the view for one more moment,” Fräulein Bear sighed.


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Romantisches Heidelberg

After an incredibly action-packed week in Stuttgart we took the train up to Heidelberg.

We strolled through the beautiful streets and bought some souvenirs at the market.

Next, we walked to the Alte Brücke (old bridge).

“Isn’t this a gorgeous old bridge?” Fräulein Bear asked. “It dates all the way back to the 18th century.”

“Look!” I exclaimed. “You can see the castle from down here! We should go for a walk up to it, I’m sure we could see the whole city from up there.”

“I’m not sure I have the right shoes on for a hike,” Fräulein Bear replied skeptically.

Heidelberg 2Of course I convinced Fräulein Bear to go for a walk up to the castle, and, after a few exhausting minutes (it really doesn’t take THAT long), we finally made it.

“Oh my,” Fräulein Bear puffed. “It IS stunning up here.”

“There’s the bridge we were just standing on!” I pointed out.

Heidelberg 1After enjoying the beautiful air (and catching our breath!) we headed inside the castle.

“This wine barrel is huge!” Fräulein Bear exclaimed.

“Schatz, this is the SMALL wine barrel, the large one is around the corner,” I laughed.

IMG_1470On our way out of the castle we noticed a sign to a museum – Fräulein Bear absolutely loves any kind of museum, so we had a look inside.

It turns out that we had stumbled across the German Pharmacy Museum – the largest pharmacy museum worldwide!

“Can you imagine a world without modern medicine?” Fräulein Bear asked.

“I don’t need medicine,” I replied, “I’m a TOUGH bear!”

Fräulein Bear laughed, “YOU and tough? You make me buy the entire pharmacy when you have the sniffles.”

Pharmacy MuseumAfter a long day of walking, hiking, gorgeous views and a surprise museum we headed back down the mountain to our hotel – after all of that walking around we only had one thing on our minds: FOOD!

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Castles, Cars and Camels!

After a wonderful time in Tübingen we headed off to the beautiful city of Stuttgart.

“Look! A sign for a castle!” Fräulein Bear squealed as we were passing Ludwigsburg.

“You want to stop, don’t you?” I asked.

“You know me too well,” she replied and smiled.

MonrepoAfter strolling around the castle, Schloss Monrepo, we sat down by the lake, fed the ducks and even decided to rent a paddleboat for half an hour to view the castle from the lake!

Our next stop was the famous Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

Museum 1We spent the next few hours learning about the history of cars and viewing all of the different displays.

“Look at all of these beautiful old cars,” sighed Fräulein Bear. “Can you imagine driving around the countryside in one of these?”

“I prefer the race cars,” I replied. “Imagine whizzing down the Autobahn in one of these with over 200 kilometres per hour!”

Museum 2Our final stop in Stuttgart was Fräulein Bear’s favourite stop – the Wilhelma Zoo.

“Look at all of the gorgeous animals,” she said excitedly.

“The gorilla’s head is almost as big as I am!” I exclaimed.

Wilhelma 4“Aren’t camels fascinating creatures?” Asked Fräulein Bear.

“I’d love to ride one in the desert sometime,” I suggested.

“Oh we’ll see about that! I’d love to have long eyelashes like the camels though,” she replied. “I’d never have to wear mascara again!”

Wilhelma2As we were heading to see the different bears, we passed the ostrich enclosure and an ostrich came running up to the fence.

“Look! The ostrich is coming to talk to us,” Fräulein Bear giggled.

WilhelmaBy the time we had reached the final corners of the zoo it had started to rain, but Fräulein Bear was too excited to even notice.

“Isn’t the polar bear cute?” Fräulein Bear asked.

“Yeah, but not as cute as me,” I protested.

Wilhelma3After seeing so much it was time to head back to our hotel and, most importantly, finally get some food!

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What on earth is Dohoggeddiadiaemmerdohogged ??

It was time to say goodbye to the lovely towns and people of north Germany and head down south.

And what a beautiful day we chose to arrive in the gorgeous city of Tübingen. After all that travelling,  how nice it was just to relax with our friend Skippy, soaking up the sun along the Neckar River.

Neckar-e1“I could sit here watching the boats float by all day long,” Fräulein Bear marvelled. I didn’t want to disturb her thoughts but rivers make me think of fish, and fish make me think of my rumbling tummy, which makes me realise how hungry I am!

It was time to grab some food and see what else of interest we could find.

We turned a corner and I thought I’d just travelled to a different country when I saw this sign above a bench:


“What does that say?” I asked with a very confused look on my face, “It’s definitely not German, in fact it looks more like Welsh!!”. “It’s the Swabian dialect,” laughed Fräulein Bear, “it means ‘da hocken die, die immer da hocken’.” (There sit those, who always sit there).

Hmmmm … not sure if she’s just making that up, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

We spent our last hours in Tübingen exploring this quaint old city, and Fräulein Bear even found her favourite flower – lilac!  But then something else caught her eye …“Look!” Fräulein Bear gasped in amazement, “there’s a squirrel.” She loves them too, in fact, Fraulein Bear loves all plants and animals! But the animal she loves most of all is, of course … Herr Bear!


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